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Friday, October 13, 2006

Pasta Pomodoro

I went to dinner last night with the San Francisco Women in Travel at

Pasta Pomodoro
1875 Union St.
San Francisco

The chef prepared a lovely meal for us. We began with a deliciously crunchy Caesar salad, followed by cheese ravioli in a traditional red sauce or rigatoni with smoked chicken in a light cream sauce. Both were delicious! For dessert we had a scrumptious Tiramisu.

When asked what my passion was during the introductions, I told them it was getting people up and moving. To inspire others to travel. To just GO! My comments were well received by all.

Parking in that neighborhood is really difficult and I wound up parking in a nearby parking garage. I almost fainted when my bill was $20.00 for three hours! Yikes!


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