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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Woolie Weeders


I drove up to Cline Cellars this morning feeling very sad and sorrowful about the death of my dear daughter-in-law Heidi.

When I came around a bend in the road, the entire valley stretched out around me. Lush and green with patches of bright yellow mustard blooming. I passed a bunch of flowering plum trees waving their sweet smelling pink blossoms in the morning breeze. As I came up to make my left turn into Cline I was surprised to see the “Wooly Weeders” at work in the front vines.

The Wooly Weeders are a flock of sheep who hire out to eat the weeds that grow between the vines. I laughed out loud seeing them.

The Cline’s work at being as organic and “green” as they can be and using real animals for weed control is really the way to go.

Timing is everything with this process because if the grape buds have begun to form on the vines the sheep will eat them too!

Being out here in the vineyards with the cycles of the crops is grounding for me. I feel blessed that I have a safe haven that shields me and comforts me. To be with nature is very healing.


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