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Thursday, January 15, 2009

It was a cold winter’s night up in Healdsburg (an hour north of San Francisco) so I ducked into Copperfield’s Books on the main square. I was greeted by the delicious scent of pizza wafting from a little café, named Bovolo, at the back of the store. Naturally I had to investigate and eat a little something. The menu described the place is a salumeria, gelateria, enoteca, pizzeria and mentioned that everything is made by hand from locally grown ingredients and artisan cured meats. Also listed were bacon ice cream and bon bons dipped in Scharffenberger chocolate and a Bellini bar. Oh my!

I couldn’t resist an appetizer of house made salumi. The plate was a melange of several meats and a variety of olives, peppers and crunchy slices of bread that had been baked that afternoon. Oh yum! It was absolutely delicious.

Bovolo Restaurant
106 Matheson St.
Inside Copperfield’s Books
Healdsburg, CA 95448