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Monday, June 22, 2009

In the Souk of Fes, Morocco

The souk of Fes is a tangled web of alleys and pathways leading in every direction. It's easy to get lost in this amazing place. Fortunately I had a guide to lead me in and out. I was a bit overwhelmed by the incredible assortment of goods for sale. I was particularly interested in the foods offered but hesitated to buy anything because sanitation was pretty primitive. There was a wide assortment of meats (including camel), fish and poultry. Piles of fresh vegetables and beautiful melons. Jars, bags and baskets filled with herbs and spices in every variety and color.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed within the souk so goods are transported via donkey. The alleys are very narrow so I spent a lot of time flat against the stalls making room for the donkey's and carts. At one point I was so tired I thought of climbing onto one of the donkeys but couldn't figure out how to do it gracefully! Then I considered one of the empty carts but remembered that Queen Marie-Antoinette had made her last journey in a similar rig, so I trudged on.

Even small children are put to work.

Thread in every color was available here. Many people brought little swatches of fabric to find just the right match for their sewing projects.

Oh my -- the olives are my favorite! Absolutely delicious flavored in herbs, spices and scented oil.

A Moroccan lemonade stand!

Vew of the Medina of Fes. The souk is tucked away inside the walls of the Medina.


Anonymous Adele Aldridge said...

Tell me when you learn how to make the preserved lemons. Looks like a great trip.

11:03 AM  

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